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Infinity Tints prides themselves on providing the best possible service to our customers. We make sure every job completed is 100% before returning to the customer. Our window film is covered with a manufacturer’s five year warranty and is non-transferable between owners.


Each and every building is different, but there are a number of common problems when it comes to glazing. The list below highlights some of the issues that products supplied and installed by Infinity Tints.

Heat: Heat can be magnified by glazing, quickly making premises uncomfortable. An application of solar control window film is an effective and cost efficient way to stop your building becoming too hot.

Glare: Glare can make it hard to focus on screens, equipment and colleagues and can quickly create an unpleasant working environment. Infinity Tints supply and install film that can cut down on glare without sacrificing natural light.

Privacy: Privacy is required throughout commercial properties for a variety of reasons. Window film can provide both one way and two-way privacy and can be printed to feature graphics or logos, as well as being combined with safety and security films. Read more about commercial privacy glass film.

Safety and Security: Glazing can be fragile as well as a target for intruders. Infinity Tints offer a wide range of both safety and security films, with a range of thicknesses and performance levels to meet your requirements.

Fading: The suns UV rays can cause stock, equipment and furniture to fade. With an application of specialist UV protection film, these harmful effects can be negated.

Infinity Tints offer the complete service to supply and installation.


We aim to provide you with as much detail as possible about the films we offer, and the way they work and perform. The list below shows a few common problems that can be solved or improved with an application of window film, but it is no means exhaustive. If you’ve got any questions about window film or have issue with your windows that aren’t shown below, do give us a cemail us at [email protected]

Heat: Windows can often contribute to uncomfortable temperatures. This is especially frequent in rooms with lots of glazing such as conservatories. Our range of solar control films can help prevent heat build-up.

Privacy: Privacy can be an issue for a range of reasons. Whether it be preventing being overlooked by neighbours or stopping passers-by seeing into your property, we offer a number of privacy window films (including our popular Frostbrite frosted film) that can provide you with the finish you require.

Safety: Glass can be a fragile material, so if you have young children or pets, or are simply concerned about your windows breaking, an application of safety or security film will protect your glazing and give you peace of mind.

Fading: Sunlight streaming through your windows can cause furniture and flooring to fade. The Window Film Company supply and install specialist film that will cut down the unwelcome effects.

We have a vastly experienced team of Residential fitters available to answer any of your questions, so to discuss your requirements or for further information and advice about any aspect of window film, email us at [email protected]. We’ll be happy to help.

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